Interview for “Voyage la magazine“ (April 2019)

Here is a link to a beautiful interview I did for “Voyage LA“ magazine. Check int out!

“My Secret Lake” is now live (March 2019)

NOW!!! Exclusively on Amazon Prime “My Secret Lake”(Based On A True Story) Winner for best LGBTQ short film at SFAAF Film Festival. “My Secret Lake” is a story of love, loss and how sometimes the most painful experiences can help you understand what love is really all about. “When Cristian invites Angel to his home after not seeing him for a year, his plans to remember happy become overshadowed by the scars of a troubled past".

From Award Winning Director/Writer Yael Deynes.Three Time Golden Globe Two Time Emmy Award Winning Producer Marsha Posner Williams. And Award Winning Actors Gerard Flores and Jerry Campisi.

msl amazon.jpg

Interview on an Argentinian radio show (January 2019)

Last December, I was interviewed on an Argentinian radio show called “Turista 3.0 con Nahuel Crescenzo“. We talked about Los Angeles, “Just Living: The Series” and future projects. I should clarify that the interview is completely in Spanish! Disfruten!!!

Interview about "Just Living" (August 2018)

Here is "Just Living" press release. Show I co-created and produced, which you can watch on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo On Demand.

Just Living The Series - Gerard Flores


Interview about "Just Living" (june 2018)

Here is the podcast interview we did for Web Series On Fire. This is my first interview in US as the co-creator of "Just Living:The Series". I should admit that I was pretty nervous and a little bit scared but having part of the cast there, made everything easier. You can listen on iTunes or online at




 My Voice on "Project NIGHTMARES", the VIDEO GAME (june 2018)

Finally, my voice made it into a game! If you like horror games with a great story and amazing graphics, this is the one you should play! The creators are geniuses! I'm very proud to be part of this project! If you want to know more, click HERE


 "just living: the series is now live" (May 2018)

... AND WE ARE LIVE!... The series I produced and co-created with Arthur Bryan Marroquin is finally out. You can watch all the episodes of Just Living: The Series on AMAZON VIDEO and VIMEO ON DEMAND!


"My Secret Lake Trailer" (May 2018)

My Secret Lake official trailer. From Award Winning Puertorrican Director /Writer Yael Deynes and 3 Time Golden Globe 2 Time Emmy Award Winning Producer Marsha Posner Williams comes a story of love and loss and how Sometimes the most painful experiences can help you understand what love is really all about. “When Cristian invites Angel to his home after not seeing him for a year, his plans to remember happy become overshadowed by the scars of a troubled past.”.


"My Secret Lake" (February 2018)

The New Year came with a new exciting project called "My Secret Lake". An amazing and transcendent love story that I'm honored to be part of. It will be shot this upcoming month and we have assemble a dream team, our Director Yael Deynes, 3 Time Golden Globe and Two time Prime Time Emmy Winner Producer Marsha P. Williams, Award winning Cinematographer Diego Torroija, Award winning Cinematographer/Producer Damian Apunte, Award Winning Producer Holly Torroija, Award Winning Producer Jaclyn Chessen, Award Winning Editor Sebastian Silva Gonzales , Producer Derik Hornyak, Award winning Photographer Wayne Williams, Prop Master Julien Hampton, Sound Jon Navarro, Danny Miguel, and my partner in crime the amazing Jerry Campisi. Below, some pictures from behind the scene and pre-production.

"Just Living", an award-winning Web-series (October 2017)

"Just Living", the web-series Ico-created and produced, won a few award in the festival circuit around the globe.

  • Best Web Series - Oniros Film Awards

  • Bet First Time Director- Arthur Bryan Marroquin & Gerard Flores

  • Honorable Mention: Ensemble- Actors Awards Actors Awards

  • Best Actor in a Comedy- Eddie Williams

  • Best Supporting Actor- Gerard Flores

  • Best Audiences Award- Direct Monthly Online Film Festival

  • Best Comedy- LA Film Awards

  • Best Web Series- Top Shorts

  • Best Web Series- Gold Movie Awards

  • Official Selection- LA Shorts

  • Semi-Finalist- Los Angeles CineFest

Thanks to every single person who made this possible! We are beyond happy and super proud of our entire team!

All Awards.jpg


Exclusive Behind the Scenes of "Just Living: the Web-series"  (March 2017)

Jae, Edward, Arthur, and, me, telling all about our characters and our experiences of making "Just Living". The web-series I co-created and produced!

First Look at "Just Living: the Web-series"  (January 2017)

Finally, I can show you a sneak peek of "Just Living: The Web-Series". We can not wait for you to watch it! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more exclusive content HERE

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"Just Living", A Web-series I have created with a fellow Actor (October 2016)

I'm so excited to tell you that we are starting filming "Just Living", the web-series I have created with Arthur Bryan Marroquin. Make sure to look for us in 2017. For more info, take a look at our website:

"a peculiar day in the neighborhood", my first short film in la (August 2016)

I'm very happy to be part of this very funny short film. I had a blast working with young and talented people.

Still shots from my latest film "Pasadena" (June 2016)

I'm very proud of playing 'Nathan' in "Pasadena". A beautiful, funny and sweet story with a very inspiring message!